The world of GIOELIA Cremeria is much bigger than you have seen so far.

Not just ice cream, cakes and desserts but also many other delicacies.

You will also find our soft brioches, ideal with fresh ice cream and a covering of whipped cream!

But if you would like intense freshness why don’t you try a granita (a semi-frozen dessert, traditionally from Sicily)? We follow the traditional Sicilian method: only fruit, water and sugar for a really original flavour.

But you can also try a frappe (iced drink). Created by just adding fresh milk to our ice cream! Here are our delicious frappe. And why not accompany it with cream whipped directly in the parlour? How delicious!

Italian ice cream

GIOELIA Cremeria ice cream is goodness in its pure form.

Creamy and with a flavour of times gone by our ice cream is sweet to the right point, made with only high quality and carefully chosen ingredients.

For this reason, we choose only the best for you: eggs, milk, fruit and sugar, all worked with daily with love and with a slow creaming method to produce a soft but at the same time unique ice cream.

An ice cream isn’t an ice cream if it doesn’t have the right flavours and ours are truly spectacular. All hark back to the genuine flavour of things made with patience and love, like those that mother used to make. And at the base of the flavours are our creams: they slowly melt in the mouth and suddenly release their fresh and genuine flavour.

They offer you unforgettable moments of absolute sweetness, winning you over from the first mouthful.

Creamy and with a captivating flavour

Our ice cream is prepared fresh daily through a slow creaming method that makes it soft and unique.

Minuetti (Minuets), the “ready to wear” collection.

Our latest arrivals, small but with an enormous heart.

Not just the usual desserts. They come in a charming glass vase, filled with a very sweet semifreddo (semi-frozen icecream), in thousands of different variations and colours. Bacetti di Dama (Italian hazelnut cookies), Torroncino (Nougat), Crema alle Fragole (Strawberry Cream) and many more, each with a delicious flavour and suited to each palate.

Just like an item of clothing, the Minuetti are packaged to perfectly match your personality, immediately making your day better. We assure you, you will fall in live at first sight (and at the first mouthful!).

Bicchierini (Little glasses) and other fancies.

The right choice for those who want to try something new

Other than being suitable for any moment of the day (we really mean any!) our bicchierini are a pure concentration of deliciousness: an attractive glass with whatever you prefer inside, whether that is a sweet semifreddo (semi-frozen icecream) or a fresh ice cream.

Many flavours, each with a unique and genuine taste, that will satisfy each of your sweet desires. But not to forget our cups! Little glass cups, similar to an espresso cup, beautiful to look at and to taste and then… what more is there to say, they talk for themselves.

Ice cream cakes, celebrate with flavour.

The right choice to celebrate any of your special occasions.

They always introduce a new taste to your emotions, an unforgettable flavour for an unforgettable moment.

You can choose from many flavours such as Raspberry, Cheesecake or Crema Catalana (a Spanish custard dessert very similar to crème brulee) and each single ice cream cake will make you live very special moments.

But in your opinion, can a cake that speaks completely of us be left out? Of course not. And so here is our GIOELIA Cremeria Cake, the flavour inspired by our philosophy: simple, traditional and authentic. Delicious caramelized white chocolate sponge cake, salted caramel and a light crunch of almonds, pine nuts and golden pistachios.

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